Casted and Etched Plaques

CASTED PLAQUES  are the most durable sign that will hold up to any climate when used for exterior applications. Casted plaques are also for interior applications. Each plaque is a custom made piece and have breathtaking detail. Excellent for donor, dedication, commemoration and recognition.

  • Available in bronze, aluminum or brass.
  • Textured backgrounds are available in 4 different styles.
  • Finishes are available in 3 different patinas, 2 oxidized finishes, polished, satin and more.
  • Ornamental borders available

ETCHED PLAQUES  are deep etched by acid-etching graphic images into the metal plate. Images with fine detail and small lettering are ideal for etched plaques. Thicknesses available are 1/16", 3/16", 1/8" and 1/4".

  • Available in aluminum, brass, commercial bronze, copper, magnesium, muntz metal, stainless steel and zinc.
  • Finish options are: satin, polished, oxidized and patinas.
  • Photographs can be used with outstanding results.
  • Images can be recessed or raised.